Coax Cables and Connectors 

Many times a replacement antenna is needed for an existing system, or a new coax cable line kit with a new antenna is required for the new radio that is being added to the system. As a result, Global Data Specialists also offers a variety of Yagi and Omni antennas, coax cables, connectors, to be utilized for a new project or as a replacement for something that has been damaged.  

We have standard line kits in 15ft, 25ft, 50ft, 100ft, and 200ft lengths available. We can also provide line kits in other lengths, please contact us for further information for your specific requirements. 


Coax Kits 

Common coax kits are available with RG-8, ¼” Superflex, ½” Superflex, LMR-240, and LMR400 coax cables. If you have other coax requirements for your project, contact us for pricing and availability. 



AC Surge and Lightning Protection 

In addition, for AC and lightning protection we have an AC surge suppressor for the incoming power to your equipment, and a Polyphaser coax cable protector to help guard against surges. 

I/O Interface Kits 

To provide cost effective installation of the ACE3600 RTU, Global Data Specialists has created I/O interface kits that can be used for faster and easier installation of the equipment. The kit consists of DIN rail mounted terminal blocks and relay blocks, along with a direct interface connector to the front of the I/O module, and a 3 ft cable. Additional lengths are optional. 


These kits have been designed for the Mixed I/O module, 8/16 AI module, 8/16 DO module, 16/32 DI module, 4 AO module, 4AO/8AI module, 16DI FET, 8 DI/8DO FET, 16DO FET, and the 16 DI 120-230V module. Additional modules can be designed upon request. 

  • The kits can be mounted within a wall mount enclosure along with the ACE3600 RTU, or within a separate housing or for outside the enclosure mounting depending upon the site requirements. 

  • In addition, these kits were created for the following issues: 

  • The maximum wire size for the terminals on the ACE3600 I/O modules is 18 ga.

The relays in the DO and Mixed I/O modules do not have a high capacity compared to the MOSCAD RTU's or be able to drive external devices. As a result, interpose relays may need to be required. The interface kit includes relays to provide higher capacity relays than those included with the ACE I/O modules.

The terminals provided with the interface kit allow for easier installation and up to 12ga wiring. The terminals, “dinkles” on the I/O modules can be hard to access within the module housing and can be cramped for the wiring to the module. The interface kit terminals can be installed for more readily available access and easier wire routing.

NOTE: The add-on power supply for the DI and AI modules will be needed to provide wetting voltage for the DI’s and the AI loop power. 

 Radio Concentrator


  • Allows up to 4 Motorola SCADA and Irrigation controllers to share one radio.

  • Amplifies signal strenght to ensure no signal loss during the split.

  • Transmit and Receive power levels are adjustable from the front panel.

  • Each Port is adjustable from Active High or Active Low.

  • Includes Channel Monitor and Push-To-Talk (PTT) monitoring LED's.

  • Compact 1 3/4''W X 5''H X 3 7/8''D enclosure.


We also offer specialty mounts available for your Yagi and Lo Pro antennas for mounting on PLC/RTU and Irrigation controller housings. 

Yagi Antennas


LoPro Antennas 


Specialty Antennas



Polyphaser Antennas 


Omni Antennas

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