Intrusion Prevention

In most cases, personnel must interact with operating equipment. This increases the safety risk to the employee. Global Data Specialists believes that every piece of equipment should always be safe. For that reason, we both engineer and provide products for equipment safety. Each application offers a different challenge in regards to safety. Although it is not possible to display all of the latest products available to us for each application, it is always our intention to provide the best products and solutions to each project.

GuardPLC Safety Control Systems


Our GuardPLC™ Safety Control Systems offer superior speed in PLC throughput and network functionality. These controllers meet worldwide PLC standards and global standards for functional safety. This family is ideal for sensing speed, direction, zero-speed, temperature, pressure and flow applications. These controllers communicate on a Safe Ethernet communications network that is TÜV-certified for use in safety applications up to EN954 Category 4 and SIL 3. 

Safety Light Curtain Systems

Safety Light Curtains are opto-electronic presence sensing safety devices that detect the presence of an object in the light curtain’s sensing field. Most commonly used in machine guarding applications to detect the presence of a person’s finger, hand, limb or whole body. Also known as AOPDs (Active Opto-electronic Protective Devices), light curtains offer optimal safety. They are ideally suited for applications where personnel need frequent and easy access to a point of operation hazard.

Protect your people, equipment and environment with integrated safety products from Global Data Specialists. We understand your production challenges and can help you meet your goals, using some of the best products in the industry.



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