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Because Global Data Specialists is an Authorized Repair Depot for the Motorola Fixed Data Products, we also have refurbished parts available for your legacy Motorola equipment to help keep your existing system operable until it’s time to upgrade to the next generation Motorola equipment. This can include the Intrac, MOSCAD/MOSCAD-L, Irrinet, MIR5000f, and Scorpio hardware. We also have refurbished radios available for these products as well. Contact us for availability and pricing. 




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For over thirty-five years, Motorola has delivered SCADA solutions to a wide variety of applications and uses. From small operations to large, complex systems; our customers benefit from Motorola’s commitment to their success. Today, the majority of the top utilities in the nation utilize one or more of the Motorola wireless communication systems and thousands of RTU systems are used in SCADA applications alone. Over 120,000 Motorola RTU’s have been installed worldwide over the past 3 decades. 

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