RKI Instruments gas detection  

As an Authorized Distributor of RKI Instruments, Global Data Specialists offers reliable combustible gas detectors, leak detectors, and professional gas detection equipment from RKI Instruments. 


RKI Instruments produces a complete line of gas monitoring equipment for utilities, mining, police, fire, rescue, hazmat, shipping, transportation, telecom, refineries, offshore drilling platforms, petrochemical plants, parking garages, wastewater treatment, pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, HVAC, laboratories and more.  


RKI Instruments is known for unique product development of fixed gas detecting systems using audible alarms, visual warning lights, capable of operating in the harshest environment, with flame arrestors and coatings which make them water repellent. Also, splash guards are available for use in very wet environments. RKI's personal protection equipment (PPE) is designed to meet unique gas detection needs while maintaining worker safety. 


GDS provides Gas Detection for Life 


If you would like a quotation for fixed or portable gas detection with RKI Instruments for your current or future project needs, please contact us. 


For further information about the RKI Instruments equipment, please visit our documents page for a product catalog with specifications.

 World Leader in Gas Detection and Sensor Technology 

RKI Instruments is an innovative gas detection company that was founded in 1994. RKI is partnered with Riken Keiki Company, Ltd., the world leader in gas detection and sensor technologies. Celebrating over 70 years in the gas detection business, Riken has sold over 800,000 portable and fixed gas monitors worldwide. They have over 700 employees, a large number of which are engineers and scientists. 


RKI continues to achieve a high level of growth and development made possible by their seasoned professionals, long lasting sensors, unsurpassed sensor warranty (not prorated like other manufacturers) and quality products. Combine the RKI's quality and industry knowledge and you can rest assure that you will have the ability and opportunity to confidently face almost any gas monitoring application, with equipment to last.




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