Engineering Services: 

Our staff of Engineering and Sales professionals are available to provide the following services for you:

Pre-sale System Design - Our Systems Engineers and Technicians can assist in the up-front design of your new SCADA or Irrigation system including; FCC licensing, developing equipment and software lists, bid specifications, etc. This is the first step in assuring the system is designed correctly and will function as expected.

ACE3600 and MOSCAD Application Programming - Each RTU in the system requires application programming. In most cases our standard application program can be used if minor configuration is all that is needed. Custom programs can be designed for those systems requiring unique or more extensive programming. Our Engineers have over 20 years experience in developing custom application programs for the ACE3600 and MOSCAD/MOSCAD-L equipment. 


Central Computer Database Programming - For those systems utilizing a central computer with a Graphical User Interface software package, a database must be created that allows the users and operators to monitor and control the system. The most common MMI packages being used with the ACE3600 systems are VTSCADA, Wonderware InTouch and Intellution products. GDSI Engineers have developed in excess of 108 databases using these MMI packages. 

Global Data is very diverse and can meet your most demanding challenges.   

Technical Support  - Global Data Specialists maintains a toll-free telephone (800-545-1206) that is available during normal business hours for all customers, service providers and sales representatives needing telephone technical support on ACE3600, MOSCAD and Intrac products. We are happy to provide this service free of charge. Emergency call-out is available and will be quoted on a case by case basis.  


 System Integration & Test - Each new ACE3600 system requires a system integration to bring the system on-line and verify proper operation of the RTU and central computer as per system specifications and requirements. To do this, a GDSI Engineer will visit on-site to test all communications between the central computer(s) operating the Graphical User Interface software and all RTU's in the system to validate proper operation. System operator training in the daily use of the system will also be provided to the customer.

 System Upgrades - There are many customers currently using the Motorola MOSCAD and INTRAC products. When it comes time to upgrade those systems to next generation ACE3600 a team of Global Data Specialists Engineers and Sales staff can help in developing equipment and software lists necessary for the upgrade as well as identifying the needed programming services to make this transition as seamless as possible.   

Special Projects - Using ACE3600 as the backbone for your special project, our staff have designed operator panels to display and control remote site information when a central computer is not required.

  • DTMF capability for the ACE3600 and MOSCAD RTU’s to receive DTMF tones, which gives a new level of creativity for this product.

  • For customers that must know what is happening at the central computer while they are out in the field or other remote location, we have designed a portable central the size of a small brief case.

  • Panel maps detailed to show strategic information in certain areas. Some of the panels are for desktop use, while others are wall size.

  • The BAK-14 is an Aircraft Barrier Arresting System that has been accepted and is used extensively at air bases and airports throughout the United States and now at locations in Europe.

  • Emergency Call Box system. To provide important necessary information to an operator when a critical situation arises at your plant/facility. When you need to communicate your location information via data and talking with the operator through the voice radio the dual functionality of this call box allows for great flexibility.

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